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Virtual Team
The internet has changed the way we work. Your team doesn’t need to live in the same postcode anymore. They don’t even need to live in the same country. This means access to a huge pool of talent, but managing a virtual workforce poses its own set of challenges.
With flexibility comes strength
Your virtual team is like a modern skyscraper. It’s strong because it’s flexible. If you have a virtual team, or one that incorporate a healthy work/life balance, it’s willing to accommodate the challenges thrown at it. The immovable bolts are strong leadership, fresh innovative ideas, and a hard work ethic.
Mesh these together and you have a recipe for strength.
A team is more than a group of individuals
How do you create a team when individuals rarely or never physically meet? There’s no chatting over the water cooler, some team members don’t even see the end product. So what’s their motivation? Money isn’t everything. A community culture is attractive; it makes people want to work for you. The best in the business will be happy with you if you can provide a great working environment.
How to create and maintain a virtual team
Use Skype, Project management apps, teleconferences, group emails. Encourage everyone to take part and keep communication lines open. Your staff need to build trust in each other, in the same way you need to build trust with your clients.
People are social animals and often produce their best when they are able and encouraged to work together. Build your team, smash silos, look after the individuals and nurture team spirit.
 Businesses are built on good people working together. How do your staff mesh? How do other businesses do it?
Times are changing, and the virtual team is here to stay.
How will you make the most of it?

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