Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman was unable to cope with change. Instead of embracing it he failed to adapt. He became a dinosaur in a modern age. Swimming against a tide of new concepts, he was unable to face reality and his life spiralled out of control. Arthur Miller’s 1949 play is as relevant as ever. Did he see the oncoming technology storm?
Does the salesman exist today?
Yes. But he doesn’t look like he used to. What’s happened to face-to-face meeting and a large book of contacts? Group emails, Skype, social marketing and a standardized buying process have pushed them aside. The sealed online bid matches the excel spreadsheet, so send that contact book to the bin. Willy Loman is not needed here. Are you needed here? If not, how can you be needed in the future?
Analyse your competition
You are now likely to compete for sales on a global scale, not just with local competition. To put up a fight you need to be an industry expert, a thought leader in your field. Prospective clients research online. They are better informed than ever before and what’s more, they can trash your reputation with a few Twitter, Facebook or Linked IN clicks. You may know your organisation inside out, but you need to know the global competition too.
Do you know?
Build Client Trust
Without face to face contact who can a client trust? So much is read through body language. Emails are up for interpretation even with emoticons. Social media is now social selling, it builds a base of authority, trust and credibility around your brand. Does your social selling make friends and influence people?
Is it fair to say that people don’t like change? Many tend to cling to what they know works, or more accurately, what used to work. You must manage the triangular relationship between company, prospective client, and change, because businesses only move forward with clients when they understand and manage change to theiradvantage. If you don’t know how, you need to find out.

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